Wednesday 13

baltimore soundstage | 6/7/18

By Jay Oakley

wednesday 13 logo.png

Canal Club | 10/4/16

Wednesday 13 has been the King of Horror for years. A lyrical master who started off writing many of his songs about horror movies, sci-fi and death. Touring all over the world and being very in-demand overseas his US tour brought him through Richmond, Virginia.

To tone for the show was set high with an energetic opening with "Keep Watching The Skies" but it was quickly followed by a raised eyebrow from the crowd as a blown fuse or electrical malfunction shut down the show at the end of the song. After a few minutes and a short breather it was back on full speed. Returning with "Put Your Death Mask On" and "I Want You...Dead" the crowd was amped up.

After "The Ghost Of Vincent Price" Wednesday took every one back in time to the Frankenstein Drag Queens with "Scary Song" from the 1998 album Night Of The Living Drag Queens. Following "Scream Baby Scream" was "Serpent Society" off the latest record, Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague.

"Dixie Dead" and "Get Your Grave On" are more recent gems. They keep the running going high and keep the mood of the night fulfilled. "Hail Ming" was a standout song tonight and really riled up the crowd. Closing out the main set was "I Walked With A Zombie."

The encore featured two Wednesday 13 standbys, "I Love To Say Fuck" and "Bad Things." Staples, classics and a must of every show.

Wednesday really delivered a killer show even with being quite ill. Unfortunately, he had to cut three songs from his set in "Skeletons," "Curse Of Me" and "Monsters Of The Universe." Losing "Curse Of Me" was a bummer since it's one of my favorite songs but that's OK, the show slayed. Going through a series of mask changes for different songs of the set was a cool thing to see.