Mac Sabbath

Live @ Baltimore Soundstage | 3/21/16

By Jay Oakley

Like an explosion in a paint factory, drenched in red and yellow here comes Ronald Osbourne. The mouthpiece of Black Sabbath tribute band, Mac Sabbath. Locked up in a straitjacket he shuffles to the microphone to the Stephen Sondheim song "Send In The Clowns." The band follows the serenade with "More Ribs" their version or "War Pigs" and the excitement builds.

He breaks free and the band rips into "Chicken For The Slaves" and the heads start to bang. Again, their version of the Black Sabbath classic "Children Of The Grave" sets the bar high and makes the crowd's mouths water.

The kings of Drive-Thru Metal are everything that they are promoted as. There's really are no one like them. A fine tuned musical machine mixed which Ronald's crude but awesome fast food inspired comedy. They show a humorous but respectful ode to everything Black Sabbath has created with their covers of "Zipping Up The Uniform," "Frying Pan," and of course "Pair-A-Buns."

As a show, it was an experience. Ronald flipping burgers, squirting water on the crowd out of ketchup and mustard bottles, comparing chicken nuggets to things and pulling a ridiculously huge straw out of his pants. At one point, two huge, inflatable cheeseburgers were bouncing all over the crowd. The show brought the fans closer as I watched people who, you could tell, didn't come to the concert together laughing and joking and just having a great time with everyone. It's a show not to be missed and worth everything that comes with it.