Dir En Grey

Live @ Baltimore Sound Stage | 11/8/15

Dir En Grey is a strange band but I love seeing them live, which has been quite a bit now. Relying on strange and sometimes graphic imagery to fuel their show Dir En Grey deliver every time. Led by the sinister, strange but amazing Kio, Dir En Grey mix melody with heavy riffs and visual kei style to take their fans on a ride. Kio's vocal range is insane, mixing low melodies with heavy growls and at times animalistic screams. A visual site as well with strange tattoos to zombie face paint, Kio is more then one in a million. There is only one Kio. Featuring the same band members since the bands inception DEG has developed a rabid fan base that live and breathe only them. Touring in support of their latest release, The Unraveling, Dir En Grey has toured sparingly lately mostly due to Kio's on-going vocal issues but they gave everything they had and as usual it was an amazing event. I can't wait til they return even if I have to wait a few years. If they play your town don't miss it.