Sick Puppies

Baltimore Soundstage | 10/12/13

By Jay Oakley

sick puppies.jpg

Currently touring in support of their fourth full-length record, Connect, Sick Puppies came out and showed everyone that when they are on stage they are to be noticed. Led by charismatic vocalist and guitarist Shimon Moore whose presence and crowd interaction was like that of a great conductor. Bassist Emma Anzai is a show all of her own. Moving all over the stage and beating on her bass like she caught it breaking into her house. Rounded out by the often overlooked but equally as important Mark Goodwin on the kit. Sick Puppies played an amazing show crushing out their hits "All The Same," "Riptide," "Gunfight," and closing out with their smash "You're Going Down." With the crowd singing and jumping, not a single person was bored and with a post-show meet and greet SP showed that they mean it when they say they wouldn't be where they are without their fans and the fans couldn't be more appreciative of a band that means so much to them.