L.A. Guns

Live @ House of Rock | 5/30/13

This was my third time seeing L.A. Guns in less than a year but the first time with their new guitarist Michael Grant, formerly of Endeverafter. The show was fantastic. L.A. Guns know how to do it right, always pleasing the crowd with hits like "No Mercy," "The Ballad Of Jayne," and "Rip And Tear." Between the guitars, the bass, drums, and Phil Lewis' unmistakable voice, the L.A. Guns are just untouchable.

Live @ The House of Rock

What can really be said about L.A. Guns? They have been around forever but they are just balls out sunset strip rock. Still fronted by Phil Lewis and backed by longest continuous member, drummer Steve Riley. Touring in support of their newest record, Hollywood Forever, they covered songs from their whole catalog including fan favorite hits like "The Ballad Of Jayne." Still going with the same double guitars and pounding bass that had them as one of the top acts of the late 80s.