Butcher Babies

Fish Head Cantina | 3/12/16

By Jay Oakley

The Butcher Babies always deliver. An impromptu makeup show in Baltimore after their show opening for Cradle of Filth was cancelled due to CoF's visa issues. They always perform with a ton of intensity and ferocity. Opening with "National Bloody Anthem" and crushing out a set of 12 songs along with a short medley to set up "Axe Wound" to close it out.

Fronted by the always charismatic Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey. Butcher Babies continue to tour in support of their latest record, Take It Like A Man. The set included fan favorites "Monster's Ball," "The Butcher," "They're Coming To Take Me Away" and "Magnolia Boulevard."

I was actually somewhat impressed by the turnout for the show. Directly supported by Baltimore's-own Bad Seed Rising which pulled a good crowd but I was stoked to see people come out to support. Butcher Babies' music has been constantly maturing and growing stronger and they are proving that they can hold their own when it comes to a headlining gig and I look forward to seeing who they are with the next time they come through town.

Unfortunately, the security at Fish Head ran really aggressive for some reason. They threw out everyone after the show that wasn't part of the paid meet & greet. You'd think they were doing their job but that included people that normally would be exempt from that treatment. They threw out all the members of the bands that opened, the tech crews for the bands and everyone covered by media passes. So many of the attendees were standing outside by the buses scratching their heads because that is actually very unusual for a BB's show. They always have a VIP package that is offered but they are always willing to meet with any fans that couldn't get it. On a positive note: Heidi and other members came out of the bus after the m&g to hang out with the people who were escorted out. Bad form on Fish Head, good form on the Butcher Babies.