Jack Russell's great White

fish head cantina | 4/7/18

By Jay Oakley

merriweather post pavilion | 4/29/17

House of Rock | 11/9/12

Jack Russell has had a rough last couple of years, physical injuries and substance abuse, and that's, in part, why Jack is not with the original Great White anymore. Those demons cost Great White money over the years; while Jack was healing up and getting his life under control, the band filed for the trademark to the Great White name without him.

Now Jack is touring with his own version of the band. I've been listening to Great White for years but this was my first time getting to see Jack Russell live. He sounds amazing and the show was great. Opening up with "Call It Rock N' Roll" and followed by "On Your Knees," the set started fast and the crowd was in it to win it. "Save Your Love" was next and then "Face The Day" the first of two The Angels covers.

The show was a little short by some standards but no one was disappointed. "House Of Broken Love" and "Mista Bone" turned up a few notches leading to the end of the main set with "Save Me," sung by Matthew Johnson, "Rollin' Stoned" and the second Angels cover, "Can't Shake It" closing it out.

A double encore gave the fans a treat. Returning to play "Rock Me" and then after another short break, "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" brought the night to an end.

A real treat was getting to meet Jack after the show. He took a little time to relax but didn't keep the fans waiting long and signed and took pictures and made everyone feel special. He's a great man and didn't make anyone feel inferior.

I've seen the other Great White band with their new singer, XYZ's Terry Ilous, but the fact is Jack's the voice of those songs and it was his voice that made this show special.