John Waters

Live @ Baltimore Soundstage | 12/19/13

Welcome to the twisted, demented and outright hysterical world of John Waters. When it comes to personality there is only one John Waters. John has a certain aura about him. Story after story about his life in Baltimore, the films he has directed and the people he has known. With tales of growing up in Lutherville with his boyhood friend, the actor/actress Divine to his hitchhiking adventure across the country John kept everyone in stitches. With his love of this city very evident he was open about the places he goes, the bars he enjoys and if you ever want to send him a letter just address it to Atomic Books. An openly gay man, John talked of about his favorite movies, books, his love of sex toys and the people he'd love to hook-up with. He also spoke of the impact his own films have had, stating how they are not about complete shock but artistic freedom. The man has no shame and will talk openly about everything but his mark on pop culture is set in stone. There might not be a place in heaven waiting for him but I don't think he minds. John Waters has blazed his own trail and will continue to do everything his way.