Rams Head Live | 5/13/15

By Jay Oakley

slash logo.jpg

Is there anything left to say about Slash that hasn't already been said? Probably not, but here's the deal. When it comes to showmanship, talent and a respect for his catalog know one does it better. Slash could easily through together a band, play nothing but Guns N' Roses tunes, pack the place, get paid and leave. That's not the case here. He has a stellar band called the Conspirators fronted by Myles Kennedy and runs the table on his entire life's work performing Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and solo material. Watching this project gives you chills because having a singer and bass player (Todd Kern who sang Welcome to the Jungle) who can perform phenomenal new material and belt out the classics is amazing. Myles Kennedy perform better then Axl Rose who sings like he got hit by a Nightrain and Scott Weiland who's been Slithering down a drain because he can't seem to get his act together.

Slash has now put out three solo albums since the hiatus of Velvet Revolver and we may never see VR again. Performing to packed houses and showing you that even someone who has long established credibility can still challenge themselves and set the world on fire. Highlighted by solo songs “Dr. Alibi” and “World On Fire,” Velvet Revolver's “Slither” and Guns N' Roses classics “You Could Be Mine,” “Nightrain” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” A great version of “Rocket Queen” featured a ten minute guitar solo in the middle and they closed out with “Paradise City” in a confetti monsoon. A killer time and a performance never to be missed.