Laura Wilde

Rams Head Live | 8/16/13

By Jay Oakley

At twenty-three years old Laura Wilde has already accomplished more than musicians twice her age. She's been a presenter and performer on Australian TV shows and even performed for the Saudi Arabian royal family. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and now living in Los Angeles, Laura creates her own style of rock and roll, influenced by such artists as Slash and Jimi Hendrix. Since the 2012 release of her debut album Sold My Soul, Laura has traveled to venues all over the country, touring with artists like Ted Nugent, Feul and Shinedown.

The show was excellent. Laura and her band are a little like Joan Jett meets Halestorm. She owned the stage and worked the crowd with a solid eight-song set that left people cheering. She even showed some love to fellow Australians AC/DC with an excellent cover of "Jailbreak." Laura has put together a tight band: guitarist Chris Price, bassist Jeff Subauste, and drummer RJ Shankle. The sound is sharp and clean, all of them pulling their weight. Laura clearly knows what she wants in a band and in her career; there is nothing stopping her from taking what she wants.

Laura Wilde played with Ted Nugent during this show.