The Misfits

Empire | 12/6/13


Pain! are long time friends of mine and they bring it every time. Front man Timmy Pain leads the horror-metal onslaught and these guys put on a show unlike anything you've seen out of a local band. Featuring guitarists Fester Pain and Drako Pain with Baron Von Pain on bass and Dr. Nekro Pain on drums. Things are on a constant rise for Pain! with the release of their latest EP, Here's To The Afterlife! and their recent sponsorship with Oktober Guitars. Opening for everyone from The Misfits, to The Koffin Kats and OverkillPain! are journeymen with an unbelievable love for their fans and a sheer desire to deliver the most stellar show that they can. Approachable and friendly they will talk to anyone, sign autographs and simply love to play and that just shows the kind of love they have for their craft.

Is there anything new that can really be said about The Misfits? They are legends of the punk scene. Fronted by lone original member and bassist Jerry Only and featuring Dez Cadena on guitar with Eric Arce on drums The Misfits deliver an action packed set that is truly a great time. The Misfits are really known for three specific eras. The Danzig Era of the late 70s and early 80s, fronted by Glenn Danzig is the most well know and beloved era with songs like "Halloween," "Die Die My Darling," and "I Turned into a Martian." The Graves Era, fronted by Michale Graves in the mid to late 90s, featured two records with hits like "Dig Up Her Bones," "American Psycho," "Scream," and "Crying On Saturday Night." Finally the previously mentioned current line-up, which has continued to tour in support of their most recent record, The Devil's Rain. I see them every time they come to town and I always have a killer time. They rock the hits from every version of the band so no matter what era you are partial to you are guaranteed to know the tunes and can rock out.