In This Moment

BB&T Pavilion | 9/2/16

By Jay Oakley

In This Moment has grown on me in the last few years and their show has a lot to do with why. While I have all their albums and like their early records it's the last two, 2012's Blood and 2014's Black Widow, that have really gotten my attention. When you go see In This Moment you have to understand that it's the Maria Brink show. That's just the reality of the situation. However, the show has grown my leaps with the addition of multiple costume changes, props and backup dancers.

"Sick Like Me" opened up the set, followed by "Black Widow" and "Adrenalize." "Sex Metal Barbie" has become a crowd favorite and feature's Maria on a large pink podium with the severed head of a mannequin, barbie doll. The main set closed with a personal favorite of mine in "Whore." A song based around standing up for and proving yourself when people say that you won't make it. The encore was "Blood" and had the crowd singing.

The thing about In This Moment is they make their set completely worth it. They only average seven to ten songs in their show, even as a headliner but between the costumes, dancers and props it makes for a lot of fun. One of the things I really like was seeing the type of fans that ITM bring out. While I was shooting the set I talked briefly to a couple of young ladies who were having the time of their lives and it was really cool to see. Fans of all ages come out to see and be In This Moment.