Live @ Sonoma's | 4/27/17

By Jay Oakley

If there is one thing that can be said about the music business it's; Don't fuck with the people who take pride in their craft. Shokker does just that. Featuring Rachl "Raxx" Quinn on vocals, Casey Tremont on guitar, Jorey Guillermo on bass and Dan Dash on drums, Shokker have worked their fingers to the bone and have since opened for bands like Y&T and Queensrÿche just to name a couple. Tonight was all about the M-Pre Party.

Doubling as their album release party for III, Shokker killed. They performed most of the songs off the new record to a charged up audience.

The first standout track, I felt, was "Hammerhead." A very aggressive, vocal forward track that pulled the crowd right to the stage and got a lot of fists raised and pumping. Rachl's range is very strong and "Hammerhead" has a, kind of, anger and authority to it. Very strong.

"Adrenaline" is a favorite of mine because it puts the guitars in the forefront and Casey is a serious shredder. As I watched his soloing I noticed the crowd not just turning their heads but moving around him. This is a great live song because, to be honest, it gives Casey the perfect opportunity to show off.

I tend to move around a lot during shows because I like to watch from different angles. "Turn Around And Run" I watched from a distance and that's when I noticed the continuity of the band. Of all the songs performed tonight "Turn Around And Run" had by far the tightest delivery. The vocals were smooth and the guitar work still held its own but I have a soft spot for a band's rhythm section because the bass and drums lay the foundation and this song is where it all came together. Jorey and Dan really worked it.

All-in-all, tonight was a killer set. This show is a big deal every year and Dave Dillman made a terrific choice is putting Shokker on the bill. The crowd was amped, juiced and loud. Shokker are head-strong and dick-hard and they are showing why they are in demand to play with the biggest names of the rock and metal world.

Photography Courtesy Of Felicee Harbaugh