BB&T Pavilion | 9/2/16

By Jay Oakley

Korn has long been considered the kings of the Nu Metal scene. While, in my opinion, the concept and "genre" of Nu Metal is dead, Korn have shown that they are very much alive and preparing for their new record, The Serenity Of Suffering, to be released on October 21st.

Opening up with "Right Now" and "Here To Stay," Korn was firing on all cylinders. Jonathan Davis' vocals were sharp, Brian (Welch) and Munky were nailing their riffs and Fieldy can't be left out, he has one of the most recognizable bass tones in all of metal. 

The mid-set centered around "Coming Undone," "Y'all Want A Single," "Make Me Bad" and "Blind." One of the feel-good moments of the set came when Jonathan was monologueing about the how long Korn has been performing and how much they love that there are still people who want heavy, fucking music. It wasn't just talk as they continued to amp up the crowd.

Korn ripped into "Got The Life" and beat the crowd into the ground with "Falling Away From Me." "Freak On A Leash" closed out the evening and left the fans with nothing left. They are a show all their own and are worth the walk, the drive, the flight. Whatever gets you there.