Faster Pussycat

Live @ House of Rock | 4/6/14

Faster Pussycat is always an excellent show. Road warriors since the late 80s they are known for their hit "Bathroom Wall" and their top selling records, Wake Me When It's Over and Whipped! Although almost 30 years into their career they have only been able to release four albums due mostly to a struggle to breakthrough after the glam-era ended as well as inner band turmoil which eventually led to there being two versions of FP, both claiming to be the originals. After the dust settled original vocalist Taime Downe gained rights to the the name and his line-up has been the only version since 2007. Faster Pussycat may only be playing smaller clubs nowadays but that hasn't taken away from their shows. Sharp playing and tight singing with good fan interaction has made Faster Pussycat a real joy for anyone a fan of 80s glam metal.