Stephen Pearcy

House of Rock | 1/19/14

The band Ratt has only one voice. That has always been and will forever be Stephen Pearcy. Known for the hits "Round and Round," "You're in Love," and "Slip of the Lip" Pearcy has been the soundtrack to many peoples lives. A terrific front man but Stephen has had his share of ups and downs. Very often criticized for sounding rough and half-assed performances but this solo show was solid. A big improvement over 2012's Ratt performance at M3, Stephen's voice sounded clean and sharp, it was a real pleasure to watch. He rocked the big hits from his catalog and even threw in a Judas Priest cover in what was a very short, hour-long set. Despite the quick show Stephen stuck around to let fans come backstage for pictures and autographs. All-in-all it was a good time and he's worth catching if he's playing your town.