Social Distortion

Rams Head Live | 6/9/13

By Jay Oakley

social d.png

This was a great show from Social Distortion. Front man Mike Ness not only sounded terrific but he physically looked great, especially given his battles with drugs and alcohol. His trademark gritty voice rang out through Rams Head during a show in which every song was sung by the sold-out audience. Covering Social D's entire catalog and even treating the crowd to a song off one of his solo records Mike led an onslaught that left everyone sweating and begging for more. Mike’s a powerful stage presence generally and treated the crowd to a few interesting stories about his travels and previous trips to Baltimore.

Seven records and just a slew of hits like "Prison Bound," "Story Of My Life," "Bad Luck," "Sick Boys," "Don't Drag Me Down," "Ball And Chain" and their cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" have given Social Distortion a secure place in music history with a rabid fan base. Social Distortion is currently working on their eighth record which is rumored for a 2013 release but as any Social D fan knows, the record will not be released until written to Mike's high standards.