The Anthem | 3/18/18

By Jay Oakley


Rams Head Live | 5/15/15

Saxon are living legends. Formed in 1976 in South Yorkshire, England and are considered one of the leaders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. They're still killing it. Opening up with "Motorcycle Man" and it built from there. Front man Biff Byford can still wail and treated the crowd to not only a great show but stories from the history of Saxon. Saxon has had a consistent lineup since 1996 with the only exception being drummer Nigel Glocker who left in 1999 but returned in 2005.

Saxon's tour is known as the Warriors of the Road tour and Biff has lost a little over the years but a lack of range is expected in a band who will be celebrating 40 next year. Biff was all over the stage and fellow original member, guitarist Paul Quinn was exceptional as well. Biff holds his own aura but bass player Nibbs Carter stole the show. Running all over the stage and even went out and played in the crowd at one point. A great evening of shredding ended with the classics "Heavy Metal Thunder," "Wheels of Steel" and "Denim and Leather."

A heavy negative on the show was it was a half empty room. Very unfortunate. Saxon are legends and so well respected in Europe but you can tell that when it comes to the States it's not so much that they are a nostalgia act but they don't have as crazy a fan base and are not as big of a draw. But don't get me wrong the crowd was into it, committed and Biff spoke of his appreciation for such a great crowd. Saxon doesn't get to tour the states much but they are worth seeing.