Live @ Baltimore Soundstage | 10/30/13

When you talk thrash metal Overkill will probably not be the first band that comes up in the conversation but they probably should be. Though not as popular as the Big 4 (MetallicaSlayerMegadethAnthrax) no one has been more consistent. Sixteen records and none of them suck, most recently The Electric AgeOverkill just delivers their brand of hard hitting, ear splitting metal. Led by amazing vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni the train just keeps on chugging. Last time I saw Overkill Bobby was very sick so he kept leaving the stage and the set was eventually cut short so it was really gnarly to get to see Overkill just killing it for a full set. 


LIVE @ The Fillmore | 2/13/13

I like Overkill a lot. With 16 albums to their credit and not a clunker in the bunch, they’re quite possibly my favorite thrash band. Unfortunately, they just didn't quite get the love that other bands of the genre, like Metalica, Megadeth, and Slayer, for example, got. They’re touring in support of their latest record, The Electric Age, and this was my first time seeing them. It was a real pleasure. Front man Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni are the only original members left but they have done a great job surrounding themselves with musicians who keep the spirit and aggression of Overkill alive.

Overkill played with Testament during this show.