Rams Head Live | 12/19/15

By Jay Oakley

When it comes to Kix, they are Maryland royalty. A staple of hard rock all the way back to when they were called Shooze in the late 70s. Kix has been tearing it up since their reunion in 2003 but even more so since they killed at 2008's Rocklahoma and now with the recent release of their latest album, Rock Your Face Off, Kix's annual holiday bash Kix-Mas has become the top show of the season.

The room was packed with practically no room to take pictures. Everything from Kix shirts to elf ears, Santa hats and everything in between. Opening with "Wheels In Motion" was very appropriate because once the sleigh was in motion there was no slowing it down. Of course, all the fan favorites were played from Midnight Dynamite to The Itch, Girl Money and Cold Blood. New great tunes from the new album fit in flawlessly in "Rock Your Face Off" and "Love Me With Your Top Down." However, a Kix show wouldn't be the same without, of course, "Blow My Fuse" and the longtime fan favorite "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" to close out the night.

The show wasn't all chestnuts and cheer, as a sewer leak caused massive flooding at the main bar to stage left, which caused a lot of floor space for fans to stand to be gated off and led to a lot of over crowding and an eventual fight three quarters through the show leading to fans being removed from the venue to assure guest safety. But, Kix still delivered a stellar show with a set list of almost 20 songs as a terrific stocking stuffer to get everyone excited for Santa's arrival.