Baltimore Soundstage | 1/28/14

It's been 17 years since AFI a.k.a A Fire Inside has played a show in Baltimore. They were only three records into their career and have put out six more records since. Touring in support of their 2013 release Burials, AFI killed it. A short set of just over an hour but it was wall to wall hits. Songs like "Miss Murder," "Silver and Cold," and "The Days of the Phoenix" brought everyone back to when AFI was at their peak but new songs like "17 Crimes" showed everyone that AFI haven't lost a thing. Still lead by charismatic front man Davey Havok, he ran a marathon on the stage and even walked into the middle of the crowd by standing on the fan's hands. Guitarist Jade Puget and bassist Hunter Burgan are just as sharp as ever with Adam Carson crushing it on the drums. The previously mentioned short set was the only negative but with such a strong show no one payed attention to their watch. If AFI come to town go see them and hopefully they'll return to Baltimore sooner then 17 years.