The Darkness

Power Plant Live | 5/16/13

By Jay Oakley

For a small outdoor show that was free to the public The Darkness absolutely crushed it. Giving the fans everything they had like this was any other gig. These are the kinds of shows that make a fan feel great inside. Seeing a band truly perform even when they aren't making anything off admission.

With three records to their credit, The Darkness have been a force in the glam rock world. They exploded onto the scene in 2003 with their debut album Permission to Land and its first single, the smash hit, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" as well as many other terrific songs including "Growing On Me" and "Love Is Only A Feeling." The new album Hot Cakes is a powerhouse of its own and just solidifies how great The Darkness' music is and how far they've come as song writers.

The Darkness bring slamming guitars and inspire incredible fan participation. Front man Justin Hawkins has a flamboyant style, something of a mix of Queen's Freddy Mercury and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, and he dominates every show. Thin Lizzy's influence on The Darkenss' music is unmistakable. From the bass riffs to the writing and how they work the crowd. The Darkness comes on stage to "The Boys Are Back In Town" and guitarist Dan Hawkins loves his Thin Lizzy t-shirt.