Human Era

By Jay Oakley


Trixter has easily delivered the best record since their self-titled debut and quite possibly their best record ever. Human Era has everything you want out of a straight up, in your face rock record. From heavy guitar tracks like "Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night" and "For You" to softer ballad-style tracks like "Every Second Counts" and "Beats Me Up." The stand-out tracks of the record are easily "Crash That Party" and "Midnight In Your Eyes." "Crash That Party" delivers a blistering mix of guitars over heavy drums and "Midnight In Your Eyes" is a little lighter but is highlighted by a stellar bass line and hypnotizing vocals.

Trixter's writing and music development has aged like fine wine and they appear to only be getting better. Featuring vocalist Pete Loran, guitarist Steve Brown, bassist P.J. Farley and drummer Mark "Gus" Scott, Trixter totally killed at the recent M3 Festival and are currently touring in support of the new record. This record belongs in everyone's collection.