Mike Tramp


By Jay Oakley

White Lion's Mike Tramp continues to amaze and show that as special as White Lion was, this is now and this is who Mike Tramp is. The third installment in a trilogy of records preceded by Cobblestone Street and MuseumNomad has a different structure because it's with a full band but the same soulful writing is very apparent.

If you've followed Mike from White Lion to Freak of Nature to his solo work it won't come as a surprise that he puts so much feeling into his writing and music. Nomad is no different.

Highlighted by the opening track "Give It All You Got" which gives the album a fast start just like you would get from hopping on a motorcycle and cruising across the country just like the album cover conveys. As you're heading down the road you become one with your thoughts and "Give It All You Got" gives a deep feeling of what it means to get knocked down and have your head stepped on when you're drowning but rising about it and picking yourself up.

While tracks like "No More" and "Moving On" have the most clear and honest delivery on what the - journey of Mike Tramp - has been about. "High Like A Mountain" is an intense track about dealing with addiction and the mistakes that are made.

Everything's from the heart and a lesson in trusting yourself. This record will touch you pretty deep.