Tom Keifer

The Way Life Goes

By Jay Oakley

Tom Keifer, the voice of Cinderella, has finally released his first ever solo record, The Way Life Goes. This record has been ten years in the making and in some ways as long as eighteen. Tom started writing songs for this record in the nineties after Cinderella broke up when they were dropped by their record label. He recorded and mixed the first tracks in 2003 with his wife Savannah who co-wrote many of the songs and also sings back-up. 

I kept a close watch for the release date. As a Cinderella fan I wanted to see what direction Tom would take in his solo work. The record covers a wide spectrum of styles. It’s definitely a Tom Keifer project with its recognizable voice and musical style. Songs like "Solid Ground" have a very solid hard rock edge; tunes like "The Flower Song" are much more melodic and bluesy. The record was solid from start to finish and is in no way a drastic turn from his previous work. It should be enjoyed by most everyone.