Judas Priest

Redeemer of Souls

By Jay Oakley

When Judas Priest's long time ax-man K. K. Downing deciding that the time had come for him to leave the band as Priest was finishing their farewell tour, Epitaph, many fans knew it was time to make peace with losing one of the greatest metals bands in history. In steps Ritchie Faulkner and it was clear right away that Priest was not dead and there was life after K. K. "Redeemer of Souls" absolutely shreds from top to bottom. The opening track "Dragonaught" is a monster way to open any record with songs like "Sword of Damocles" and "Metalizer" having the potential to become Priest classics. Rob Halford continues to show that there is only one Metal God with his iconic and piercing vocals. Richie Faulkner shows his chops and kills as Glenn Tipton continues to prove his legend on the six-string while bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis' rhythm section is untouchable. Priest's combination of twin guitar riffs and an at times melodic touch have a balance that doesn't weaken the heaviness of the album. Priest has already started booking dates in support of the new record and it is shaping up to be a huge experience for any fans lucky enough to see the show.