By Jay Oakley

The mystique around Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein continues to grow. The legendary Misfits' axe-man has had a few different projects since his departure for the them. His band Gorgeous Frankenstein was heavy, heavy metal and a far departure from the horror punk/metal sound of the previous two eras of the Misfits. Unfortunately, some promotional flaws proved that most fans didn't even know Doyle had a new band so he wasn't exposed and didn't get the attention he rightfully deserved for having a really stellar band. After multiple personnel changes but with a solid line-up finally in place a band decision was made to change the band's name to Doyle's name-sake to allow the fans to know exactly what they were getting. 

With Doyle on guitar, "Left Hand" Graham on bass, Dr. CHUD on drums, and Alex Story on vocals this band brings an amazing new level to the horror metal nostalgia and blows your head off with his new solo record, Abominator. The animalistic howls of Alex Story are the sounds that create nightmares and his delivery is absolutely amazing. Alex's ability to write and deliver killer lyrics that make a person say, "Did he just say that?" are incredible and are laid down perfectly. Graham and CHUD are such a stellar rhythm section and have styles that mesh seamlessly with Doyle's guitar and Alex's vocals. Doyle's playing comes screaming through this record. His riffs are so recognizable that there's no way to listen to this record and not say, "That's Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on guitar." The standout tracks on the record are "Dreamingdeadgirls," "Headhunter" and the kill shot song of the record is, without a doubt, "Valley Of Shadows."

Be scared and be excited.