dark sky choir

end of days

By Jay Oakley


New Jersey’s Dark Sky Choir has wasted no time. They’ve already graced the stage with rock powerhouses like Monster Magnet and Fozzy and have now delivered their debut full-length record, End Of Days.

“Misery” opens the record with heavy guitar riffs and sharp bass. Brian Allen’s  vocals are aggressive with a touch of sinister.  “Misery” is definitely an ear-catching start to the record and makes you very curious of what’s to follow. “Static Death” puts the rhythm section in the foreground. The vocals are, of course, right there but the chemistry between Percy Trayanov on bass and Michael James on drums, especially during the bridge and very apparent, heavy and command acknowledgement. The guitar is not without its moment, especially during the closing sequences. “Lost In Oblivion” opens with powerful bass riffing. The drums join and build to the vocals. The song overall is on a slightly slower scale but that doesn’t take away from its power. A vicious guitar solo highlights this song backed by excellent vocal harmonies. “I Saw Red” throws a curve ball at you. It starts off making you believe you’re getting an acoustic-type song and then jumps right into full on plugged in riffing. Overall, a solid traditional metal song with riffs galore and the vocals stay strong and dominant. “Villany” is delivered a step down in speed but still packs a punch. This is probably my favorite song as far as the background vocals go. I really dig on the vocal harmonies of this song. The track ups the intensity at the end to really drive the point home that just because a song starts slow doesn’t mean they can’t step on the gas. I really like the vocals and lyrical phrasing on “I Come Alive.” It’s a very strong track just on its writing. The fact that it still possesses the same quality heavy playing is a bonus. “Perils Of The Night” is the track you listen to after taking a bump. It’s definitely got a shot of gasoline in it. Fast, driving and angry. I have mentioned Fred Gorhau’s guitar throughout but his playing is hot on this track and the drums are pounding. “I Am Fire” keeps the foot on the gas. The guitars keep driving with the vocals hitting a new dimension of their range, showing real versatility. “Bleed” is the closest you’re going to get to a ballad. About a minute’s worth of light riffing with a semi-acoustic feel and then in cuts the bass and the guitars go heavy and that’s the end of that. The vocals stay strong and cut you deep while the drums pound away. The record comes to a close with a real treat. Mötley Crüe has been my favorite band all my life and for DSC to choose “Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid” was killer. It’s a terrific take on a song that some might consider a little light for a heavy band like this. But, it’s an A+.

Overall, End Of Days kills. It’s a very exciting beginning for a band that’s just getting started and has lots to give us.