The World is Ours Volume 2: Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else

By Jay Oakley

When it comes to Motörhead we all know the facts. Bassist Lemmy is a god, the Snaggletooth logo (also known as War-Pig) is iconic, and they have twenty official studio albums. The discography alone speaks volumes. It's important to know that with such a large catalog there are always going to be re-releases and re-masters. Frankly a lot of CDs are just pointless and nothing more than a money-grab by the record companies (of which the band never sees a dime). However this The World is Ours, which is an official band release, is a great one and not just because of the songs or because it's live. Motörhead took great care in putting together a collection for even the casual fan to enjoy. I have more Motörhead material then I know what to do with, which includes Volume 1 of this set.

Of all the live records, this is my favorite, and it is due to the sheer bang-for-your-buck that this collection possesses. You get four discs. The first is fifteen songs from a performance at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. The second disc includes the final two songs from Germany plus two shorter sets, one from the Sonisphere Festival in the UK and the other from Brazil's Rock in Rio. The third and fourth discs are a dvd and blu-ray of all three shows. The special features are straightforward. There is a cool short documentary called Festival Impressions W:O:A which features a couple of Motörhead's fans taking you around Wacken, talking to other fans, seeing the sights, and interviewing the band members. The release is worth the money: you’re only going to pay around twenty bucks for twenty-eight songs plus live footage and you pay that for a standard album of 12 songs. This is a no-brainer. They are Motörhead and they play rock and roll.