A thousand times the speed of light

By Jay Oakley


Bombenkinder is coming out with a bang and are unleashing A Thousand Times The Speed Of Light. Made up of long established music veterans, the band features Allen Nichols on vocal, Kirk Floyd on guitar, Jeff Wesolowski on bass and Eric Surratt on drums.

“The Death Of Norma Jeane” opens the record with some aggression. Strong vocals and a series of tough guitar riffs backed but prominent drumming. It’s a solid opening track that opens the record with speed but also has a catchy feel to it with a clapping bridge and ending that makes it very fan interactive in a live setting. “In The Company Of Misery” continues that driving feel and is highlighted by the bass. Allen’s vocals have a slightly deeper grit to them that show range but are backed by Jeff’s bass playing which give the track a very unique dynamic. “Strangely Painless” and its follower are two of my favorite tracks on the record due to the way the play off each other. A softer delivery on the vocals give it the closest deign to a ballad on the record but the track is tough as nails. Very straight forward with emphasis on the guitar it has a design that would allow it to stand up in a few different sub-genres. The track is very versatile. “Shaken” is introduced by the bass and pairs up very well with its predeceasing track. The pairing delivers a unique 1, 2 punch that would appeal to many different music lovers. It has that same gentle but versatile vocal delivery and I would find it very hard to listen to one track without having to listen to the other. “T.V. (Stuck In The Script)” returns to that driving rock edge. Up tempo vocals are pushed to the forefront even more due to the chemistry of the rhythm section. Jeff and Eric ‘s performance highlight this track. The pounding of the drums with the constant bass riffing is to be admired and complimented. “Moving Picture” puts the spotlight on Kirk. A higher pitched guitar performance makes for a very quality and unique listening experience. All the band members play their parts perfectly but Kirk’s performance really sets “Moving Picture” apart from other tracks on the record. “Lacerate” has a deeper feel to Allen’s vocals which, again, show his range. This track has more of a grunge feel to it which I like because it shows the multitude of influences that can go into making a record that stands out and doesn’t just get lumped in with the masses.  “Terrified ( For Allie Berlyn)” brings the record to an end with a guitar feeling very similar to “Moving Picture.” Kirk delivers once again but what I actually like about this track is the slightly slower feel. What that allows for is each member of the band can be highlighted in their own well. Allen, Kirk, Eric and Jeff all have moments in this song that put the focus on them but doesn’t take away from the record as a whole.

Overall this is an outstanding record. Driving rock music with a multi-influence feel. The band is not made up of rookies and it shows. They have already shared the stage with many top bands with so much more to come. Keep your eyes on their events so you can get out there and support.