prophets of addiction 

nothing but the truth

By Jay Oakley


Prophets Of Addiction have returned with their latest record, the unplugged, acoustic release; Nothing But The Truth. Founder, front man and bassist Lesli Sanders teamed up with fellow constant member and guitarist G.G. to bring us this special release. Coming off the releases of their two previous records which featured their full band, Lesli and G.G. have been touring lately across the country performing their acoustic songs as part of the Prophets Of Addiction Unplugged tour.

“American Dream” opens up the record. Introduced by Lesli’s vocals with an intertwining guitar delivery from both himself and G.G.. A beautiful piano interlude flows throughout the track and adds a very calm, soothing feeling. “Alter Of Altercation” opens with a duel guitar intro before the vocals kick in. This song has one of my favorite lyrical designs. Lyrics written about a beautiful woman who turns your happiness into sorrow. “Babylon Boulevard” has a more aggressive delivery. Lesli ‘s vocals come across with a touch more anger but are bridged by G.G.’s soloing. It gives the feel of walking down a darkened street contemplating your past actions and where to go from there. “Talkin’” has a much bluesier feel. A higher pitched guitar delivery with slide also gives it a southern touch. “Last Of The Words” opens with a lighter, quicker guitar tone. While G.G.’s backing vocals are featured throughout the record this is the first track when you really hear him and Lesli harmonizing together. It gives “Last Of The Words” more of a duet feel which also makes its place at the midway point of the record a nice touch. “Spare The Bullets” is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It opens with a darker almost sadder tone. “STB” gives the feeling of taking a deep look at yourself in the mirror while avoiding the slings and arrows from people who don’t understand your lifestyle. “Hollywood” talks of the trials and tribulations being faced living in Los Angeles. The guitars run on a much more parallel plain and the gang vocals design bring a new dimension to the record and a feeling of camaraderie. “Atmosphere” is another favorite of mine because it gives me the feeling of a man being alone with his thoughts. The infusion of a violin brings a softer side to the song and a unique pairing with the guitars. “Heart Of Mine” is more of a pure love song. You get much more of a solo feel to this track. It comes across as much more of just Lesli because you get the feeling and vision of someone playing just for someone else. “Return The Smile” has that pure ballad feel, especially when it comes to the chorus. It’s very gentle but comes out of a tougher designed song. The opening riff strumming of the track gives a slight feel of angst but as you’re listening it comes across very clear that the person in the story understands the support they have.

I very much enjoyed this record. Acoustic records can often be judged unfairly but the musicianship is very clear and delivers that rock and roll feel. It is in no way lost in translation. Lesli’s vocal tone has always been unique and a trademark to the sound of Prophets Of Addiction and his partnership with G.G. makes for a terrific listening experience. The record is out now so go out and get it!