BrokenRail EP

By Jay Oakley

Birmingham, Alabama's-own BrokenRail have a fresh sound. While they do have that hardcore/metalcore feel, they absolutely have their own style and they've brought to us their debut, three song EP.

"Memory" is a deep and angry opening track. Heavy guitar playing, highlighted by thunderous drums. A gruff and gritty vocal delivery give it a powerful punch.

"Walk Again" is the top song of the disc. A heavy, fast song but features melodic lyrics. It shows Blake Clawson's ability to change up his vocal style. Like I said, it has that melody but bridges into a deeper and much more aggressive delivery. The thing I like the most about "Walk Again" are the lyrics. They have a positive feel to them. You can hear the message in the lyrics but there's also has a certain amount of "Fuck You" to them. Love it!

"Save Me" is a slightly slower song that doesn't loose the heaviness of the band but it also puts the rhythm section in the foreground. The drums and bass are very pronounced with just the right amount of guitar riff-age to show the strength of the track.

BrokenRail definitely does have some profound influences in their sound. However, everyone should and does have that side to them. The best thing about them is the style and fire they bring from an area of the country that doesn't feature much in the way of "heavy" music. Keep an ear open because everyone should be curious to hear what they have for us when it's time for a larger release.