Don Jamieson

Communication Breakdown

By Jay Oakley

Comedian and former co-host of That Metal Show Don Jamieson has returned with his third album, Communication Breakdown. This record contains some of Don's best work yet.

The record opens up with Don telling hysterical stories about his love of the show Intervention, his logic behind why he needs to drink to have fun and the availability of weed in Denver. His first experience meeting Kiefer Sutherland was all about Kiefer's intoxicated state and the endless amount of beers that he was passing Don leading to an awkward goodnight kiss and the dilemma of explaining it to his girlfriend the next morning.

After talking about his experiences with Myrtle Beach, free medical clinics and raccoons Don told my favorite story of the album, very relatable for my lifestyle, and that is that rocker's are not politically correct. Hilarious. Talking about Alice Cooper tribute bands where one was all little people and the other was all gay guys followed by the realism of a Queen cover band that gave him a happy ending. He makes points about jokes like this seem to be ok especially in the rock community but when comedians tell jokes about people like Caitlin Jenner it causes an uproar.

After jokes about the lack of rock stars nowadays because back in the day musicians all drank and did drugs and now they're clean and wimpy he went into talking about chicks that rock like Lita Ford and how he would self-love to her videos except for "Close My Eyes Forever" because he was afraid of finishing up on a screen shot of Ozzy.

Finishing up the set with stories about trying to date at 50, Brad and Angelina and a dancing show to replace That Metal Show that's based off of the GNR song "Mr. Brownstone." Closing out the night Don tells about a night out with Aerosmith that messed into a chance meeting with Johnny Depp and how he, Jim Florentine, and Eddie Trunk needed to navigate around the immense bodyguard.

Don Jamieson is a quality comedian with great stories and loves to connect with his audience. The album is out now on Metal Blade Records and look for Don out on tour.