Skills In Pills

By Jay Oakley

Metalheads the world over will totally sprout wood over this band. Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren have formed easily one of the coolest projects in a while in the debut of Till's solo band Lindemann

Sung entirely in English, a change from the German-sung Rammstein records, Till sheds an aggressive light on everything from drugs, to transgenderism, fetishes and abortions. There is nothing cryptic about the delivery of these songs. Songs like "Ladyboy," "Golden Shower" and "Praise Abort" are as clear as it gets. Till's never short on opinions and never afraid to write about anything.

Peter Tägtgren is amazing on this record. He plays all the music himself and the album is mixed seamlessly. Peter's heavy and aggressive performance makes you already want a follow-up effort. You can't help but wonder if and when Lindemann is going to tour so you can see what kind of show they will concoct.