Silvertung's Codey Red

By Jay Oakley

When it comes to the new single, "Face The Music," is this going to be a precursor to some new music from the band?

Absolutely! We're finishing up on the EP that we are releasing which is called Out Of The Box with February 26th being our release date so far.

Are you currently trying to put together shows or is there a tour you're looking to jump on?

There's a few things in mind. There's a few things tours we're looking at so we can support this EP and right now we're just trying to finish up the recording. We have a few shows few and far between just because we're finishing up the album.

If people are coming to see a Silvertung show for the first time, what do you want them to see?

It's not so much what we want them to see as much as we want them to have a good time and feel the energy that we give off. What they get to see is us going up there and doing what we get to do which is playing and entertaining people. Whether it's five people or five hundred or five thousand we always deliver the same amount of energy each time because it doesn't matter whose watching but that somebody's watching.

When you guys write and you're putting together what you need for an album is there anything in particular that you shoot for? Do you try to stay with a certain sound so your fans know what to look for or do you like to experiment?

I think that whenever it comes to writing a song, we feel it out and see the kind of sound it brings. It's a matter of all four of us working together and creating the song and that's what gives it that signature sound that is Silvertung.

It's still developing with me and the rest of the guys. We've gotten comfortable with each other and especially with me being in there for a little over a year now it's getting really comfortable and really cool for us and it's coming through in the writing because it allows us to get together and jam and pick what's working. We keep it going, work something out and can decide, "Well that works and that works." and we'll take it into the studio and work with our engineer/producer Steven Wright and he'll help us out with that. So a lot of it's just feel and hoping for the best because we want to prove to the fans that what we're putting out is from us and always from the heart and that's what our main goal is whenever it comes to writing music is it's "us."

How did you find out about the opening and eventually get the gig with the band?

I saw a few different adds online for "Musicians Wanted" and at the time I was leaving my old band and I wasn't to sure what I wanted to do musically, I just knew I still wanted to do something with music. So, I emailed their manager, Dave Snowden, and figured I'd give it a shot. They emailed me back and I talked with Speed (guitar and vocals) and I tried out for an audition and out of me and three other people I was the one that they chose.

What do you have planned for the release date for the album? Do you have a show for that?

We don't have any show planned for the release date but in May, I believe, is the Maryland Music Awards and we've been nominated for Breakout Artist in the heavy metal category. So, to me, I was kinda, "Well, this is interesting." and everyone else is like, "Do you not see what a big deal this is!" [laughs] so we're feeling the wave of that and it's the good kind of wait because with the release of the new single, "Face The Music," we are talking with them about performing the new single live at the event. We're excited to play that and push for that because it is the single and after only two weeks of release it's reached over 15k in views and that's just off YouTube. I just found out that in the first week the song broke the top fifty on the Under The Radar charts for radio.

Let everyone know where they can find you guys.

The can find us on Facebook, on the Silvertung Facebook page ( and they can also find us at They can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube so we have lots of ways for the fans to see us and for people to get in contact with us.

Codey, thanks so much for taking the time and I'm so glad that everything's working out and you're fitting is so well. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about that you have coming up.

Yeah, not a problem. I appreciate you letting me be a part of this.

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