L.A. Guns' Michael Grant

By Jay Oakley and Christie Gerber

Michael, how was the set?

The set was good, I felt pretty good about it. It was a good response and it sounded great up there. 

How do you feel because I know you guys played last night and you had to book it here pretty quick.

I feel really tired. We played basically two shows in a day in about a twelve hour span of each other. We were on early so we didn't get to chill like everyone else. We basically rolled in here and ran up onstage.

We were just talking to Steven (Riley, L.A. Guns' drummer) a second ago because he was grabbing his bags getting in a car. We were asking if he was leaving and he was saying how you guys were wrecked.

Yeah and those guys are a couple years my senior so they might get a little tired faster. So I do a little more living to pick up the slack.

What do you have coming up for new music? You've been with the band for a while now so what do you have coming up?

I've been with them for about two years now and we're planning to record a new record in the winter this year. We're looking to go in for recording in October or November.

This will be the first record I play on of theirs and I've written about three or four songs already and Steve's got some demos, Phil's (Lewis, singer)  got some stuff, Kenny's (Kweens, bassist) got some stuff. We just have to pull it all together and make this lineup of L.A. Guns' sound.

We're not trying to sound like Cocked & Loaded, we want to do something new, something that people can really get into and something that's got a lot of that same feel. All the things you love about us, mixed with some things you didn't know we could do. 

Yeah because you just missed the release of the last album but that was honestly something I really liked about it. You know it's L.A. Guns, it's got that sound, it's got that style, but it's still different. If you go from the self titled record, to Cocked & Loaded, to Hollywood Forever it's different but you're not going to be surprised that it's the same band.

Right, Agreed. That's one of the things I love about it.

What do you guys have coming up? Do you have a show tomorrow or do you have a little time?

No, I think we're home tomorrow. I think this was like a fly date and we played a private party last night. So we get some time off at home and I think we do something in the middle of the month but I don't know where. I never know where. I just wake up, I show up and there's like a day sheet and go where the day sheet tells me. If it doesn't say, "Go To LAX" I might not go. It has to be specific. 

When it comes to the new album is there a rough time we can expect it?

We're gonna try to do it as fast as possible. Hopefully we can have it out by late spring so hopefully we can tour on it in the summer. 

Thanks so much for taking some time to let us know what's going on in L.A. Guns' camp.

Thanks brother. No problem.