Adelitas Way's Rick Dejesus

By Jay Oakley

How was the set, brother?

It was enjoyable. We had a great crowd, we had a great time and I like playing every night. Every night's fun, every show feels like it's something fresh, something exciting.

When it came to tonight's show, are you doing a current tour, a headlining tour or was this a one-off festival?

No, we're doing a headlining tour for the Bad Reputation tour. We're eight or nine shows in and it's just been fantastic so far. It's been a great run.

Awesome. Where are you guys going tomorrow?

Tomorrow we're heading to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and I get to play my home town. I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so it's exciting for us.

From watching your meet and greet, the one thing that is very apparent is your connection with your fans. Talk a little about that and what they mean to you.

Oh yeah. The reason we're able to be so bold is because our fans are so amazing. If we didn't have this group of fans we wouldn't be able to be doing what we're doing. We're trying to revolutionize the way this business is done. We have a powerhouse group of fans and we fucking love them. For real.

Since it's the hot button issue that's going on right now, I'd like you to take a second to talk about the people we've been losing this month in just rapid succession from the music industry. Was there anybody that hit you kind of hard?

No, the world's been doing a great job of paying respect and paying homage to our lost. To Lemmy, to Bowie and I think they'd be happy and they'd be proud of the way people are respecting them. It's obviously a tragedy to lose Bowie and lose Lemmy but the world's responded amazing. The world is really giving back and showed them that they appreciate everything they've done.

How much time do you have left in this current tour?

We've got two or three weeks left.

Do you have time off after that?

Yeah, a little bit. We've got a little time and then we've got to do some more shows. Right now this is our year so we have to stay focused and stay hungry.

So you have the "Bad Reputation" single that is out right now. Is that off a current album or an upcoming release?

It's going to be out on Getaway on February 26th.

For people who are getting into Adelitas Way, where can they find you?

All the regulars, man. I tend to lean more heavily on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and all that stuff but people can check the single out on iTunes, Amazon and all over the place. Just hit us up, man. We like seeing our fans talk to us, it's cool.

Rick, thanks man.

A pleasure. I appreciate it.