Rhino Bucket's Georg Dolivo

By Jay Oakley and Christie Gerber

Georg, how did you feel about the set?

It was good. It was short though. We're used to playing ninety minutes but it was good, the people were good and it was fun to play.

How was the vibe? Could you feel that? Could you feel the people from up on the stage?

Yeah, yeah they were into it. We've played in twenty-three countries so wherever we play the vibe usually come in the first thirty seconds. It was good, I loved it.

I just saw you a few days ago when you played the Circuit in Essex, Maryland in that little living room of a place. Are you currently on tour or was this more of a one off stop?

This was the last stop on our current tour. Usually we tour fifty or sixty dates and this was a short tour but we have a good band.

Does Rhino Bucket have any new music in the works currently?

Yeah, actually we have some great new music but we can't tell anyone about it so its kind of frustrating. We have really good new songs, with good producers and budgeting so we're gonna make a new album. There's so many bands out there right now that rely on what they did twenty-five years ago. We always put out new albums. Unfortunately for us, we haven't put out a new album since 2011 except we put out a live album but that doesn't count because that's cheating. We have a new album coming out and it rocks. It's going to be fantastic.

When it comes to playing a festival as apposed to a club show do you have a preference of one over the other or do you guys just love to play?

We just play. I love the club shows because it's dirty, sweaty and intimate. Festivals like this are still dirty but less intimate. But I love the club shows and the whole one on one and space like you and I have right now vibe going. I love that. Festivals are fun too because I get to see all my old friends that I haven't seen for twenty-five years. But I like the intimacy. But Dave DuCey, who's drumming for us, we soldier on and we get in there and whether it's Germany, Spain, Norway, America or whatever you dig in and do it. That's what's great about the club vibe. With the festival vibe it's a little sterile compared to that.

A little while back you were doing work with Hellion. Are you still working with them?

No, I just did that one tour with Hellion. Ann (Boleyn) and Simon (Wright) are great, great friends. They just needed someone to fill out a little guitar space for them. So I did that and spent thirty days drinking IPAs with Greg Smith (Bassist, Ted Nugent, The Plasmatics.) That was great. Neither of us are continuing to work with them but they're a great band. 

Georg, thank you so much for taking a couple minutes after your show to tell us what you've got going on with Rhino Bucket.

Absolutely. Thank you so much.