Sebastian Bach

Live @ Rams Head Live | 7/7/15

First off, I like Sebastian Bach and always have so it will be hard for me to not have a good time at one of his shows. I've been a Skid Row fan for as long as I can remember but as a show this night left a little bit to be desired.

The set was fine as far as the tunes that were chosen and the delivery of the vocals. I thought Sebastian sounded great actually. Vocally, he was very sharp and clear but physically he looked rough. Age will always bring some physical changes but compared to the last few times I've seen him he didn't look fit and has definitely had a few happy meals.

As far as the set goes, I liked most of his choices in songs but the fact is no one goes to see Bas for his solo work. They want Skid Row songs and for someone who always preaches about wanting to fill people's iPods with new, awesome songs he still performs a 70% Skid Row set so there is a crutch-factor that exists. Songs like "American Metalhead," a Painmuseum cover, are fun and he has other solid tunes like "Kicking And Screaming" but there's no room for any of those songs and it was not played tonight. He talked about this new song that they'd never done live, a song called "Push Away." It turned out to be the bathroom song and took the air out of the room.

I will say, I like the band he put around himself as opposed to previous tours. Solid guitar tones but when playing Skid Row songs that were designed around two guitars the songs come across as wimpy.

If that wasn't bad enough he charged for a $150 post-show meet and greet when the last time he was at Rams Head Live it was free. He literally said on stage that he would come to the merch booth after the set to meet people, sign and take pictures and that's exactly what he did. Look, I'm always going to go see Sebastian. Bas will always be Bas but you've got to make the effort, dude. Shape up and take a good look at the product you're putting out.