Lizzy Borden

Live @ House of Rock | 4/27/13

Lizzy Borden is a shock rock band with six records, two EPs, and one live album to their credit, and is one of my top 80s bands. Front man Lizzy Borden named himself and the band after the notorious Lizzy Borden of Fall River, Massaschusetts, accused and acquitted of murdering her parents with an axe in 1892. The current line-up features two original members, vocalist Lizzy Borden and drummer Joey Scott Harges.

Theater is everything for this band. Lizzy is known for his masks, for covering the crowd in fake blood and “killing” a woman on stage with an axe or a ghoulish bite to the neck. This was an incredible show to behold. Lizzy had around ten costume changes. Bassist Marten Andersson was a sight just pounding on his bass. Guitarist Dario and drummer Joey were just as memorable in terms of stage presence and performed terrific solos that kept everyone wide-eyed. They played hits like "Notorious," "Give 'Em The Axe," "American Metal," "There Will Be Blood Tonight," "Under Your Skin" and great covers of "Rebel Yell" and "Born To Be Wild." By the end of it all I was spent, hoarse from singing, partially deaf, and covered in blood, but what a night!